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      • Hefei Taida Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

        Contacts: Miss Peng

        Tel:0551 6516 6928
        Address: Room 213/215, building 1, No. 1 International Garden, Tianyuan Road, Hefei hi tech Zone.
      The patron saint of X ray imaging equipment --RAYSAFE X2
      2018-05-29 13:50
      •  Today, X - ray imaging equipment is widely used, the use of high frequency, many brands, do you want to know how to select the superior performance of X - ray imaging equipment? Do you want to avoid medical risks such as excessive radiation dose, missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis? Do you want to know their health and aging? Fluke Raysafe X2 helps you to accomplish these tasks.

        X射線影像設備的守護神--RAYSAFE X2

        The full model test ---Raysafe X2 is suitable for all types of X ray imaging diagnostic equipment. It includes DR, CR, dental machine, CT, mammary gland machine, DSA and so on.

        The full data detection ----Raysafe X2 can detect the kilovolt value, dose, dose rate, half price layer, exposure time, pulse number, dose / pulse, frame number, dose / frame, mA, mAs, fluorescent screen brightness, environmental illumination, AEC/ABC, computer room / bulb leakage. The data of X ray imaging diagnosis equipment can be detected.

        All intelligent detection - all data of Raysafe X2 detection are automatic storage, automatic analysis report, can be consulted at any time, wireless transmission, independent maintenance and calibration of the probe.

        Full process detection - the whole process life cycle of X - ray imaging diagnosis equipment's research and development, production, use and maintenance, from factory to hospital, from factory installation and maintenance to quality control, Raysafe X2 can be seen everywhere.

        Full standard test - meet the most strict standard of industry regulations WS76-2011 "standard of image quality control and detection for medical routine X ray diagnostic equipment", GBZ 187-2007 "X ray photography (CR)", GBZ 186-2007 "standard for quality control of breast X ray photography" GB 17589-2011 "X ray meter" Code for quality assurance inspection of computer tomography devices "GBZ130-2013" requirements for medical X ray diagnostic radiological protection.

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      Contacts: Yan Peng Tel:0551 6516 6928 Address: Room 213/215, building 1, No. 1 International Garden, Tianyuan Road, Hefei hi tech Zone.